7 S&OP insights from the 2014 S&OP pulse check

A big thanks to all participants who joined in this years pulse check. Attached you can find the results of the 2014 S&OP pulse check, the fourth of its kind. It gives an indication on S&OP maturity status and change drivers. An indication indeed, as one participants said; ‘it is a check up and not an autopsy’.

S&OP pulse check IV logo

My biggest insights, or shock should I say, is that for a complex change program as an S&OP implementation, participants indicate that only 28% have both clear S&OP goals and measurements. This has many implications I believe and my next blog will spend time on that

These are the main insights:

1. Improving consensus and communication are the key drivers to implement S&OP

2. S&OP processes lack the extended supply chain and scenario planning

3. Over 50% of practitioners is satisfied with their S&OP, but 31% is still dissatisfied

4. Companies don’t use clear S&OP maturity goals and measurements

5. Peopleskills/resources is the main roadblock in implementing S&OP

6. Excel and ERP are still king, specific S&OP software is lagging

7. Better understanding and communication between functions is the main cultural change driven by S&OP

Here are the 2014 insights Supply Chain Trend – S&OP pulse check IV Oct 2014

If you’re interested in previous versions of the S&OP pulse check, you can find them here:

2010: SCT_S&OP pulse check 2010 December v05 final

2011: SCT_S&OP pulse check II 2011 v03

2012: Supply Chain Trend – S&OP pulse check III July 2012


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