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Hi, I’m Niels, author of the blog Supply Chain Trend.

Since the early 2000’s, I improved business performance as consultant, global supply chain manager and integrated business planning manager in a variety of countries, industries and companies.

We’re now in the era of AI where we need new operating models that strive to get the most out of human-machine interactions.

As a Decision Intelligence expert at Aera Technology I’m at the forefront of this era. I design and implement intelligent agents that make autonomous decisions, or augment a knowledge worker to do so.

I’m the Foresight Integrated Business Planning editor. I write about the human-machine role in planning & decision making. Many of my published articles started here as blog.

I also happen to be a publisher and children’s book author. With my children’s books, I hope to make a positive difference and help children learn about confidence, resilience and a positive mindset. My book series My Strong Mind has been published in 10 languages.

Check out my author profile if you’re looking for a great children’s book. Or download some of my published supply chain articles on this page.

Feel free to start a conversation with me about any topic that I cover.



PS Thoughts and opinions have always been my own

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