Niels profile 3Hi, I’m Niels, author of the blog Supply Chain Trend.

I started this blog when I arrived in 2009 in Australia from the Netherlands. During my career, I improved business performance as consultant, global supply chain manager and integrated business planning manager in a variety of countries, industries and companies for about 20 years.

My purpose is to bring positive change and make individuals and business be themselves at their best.

I’m an accredited Mental Toughness coach and help improve well-being and performance by developing effective mindset and behaviours via MentalToughness.online. I help organizations understand and improve strategy execution, supply chain management and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) via global supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co.

In my vision, companies with the right mindset and operating model, not only improve strategy execution and business performance. They also positively and purposefully influence employee engagement, well-being and performance. They foster employees with the right mindset and behaviours, who pro-actively seek alignment, integrate and work together. Not just because it is more effective, but simply because it is more enjoyable and increases work and life satisfaction.

It is my mission to share, educate and implement this vision in the world as author, coach and consultant.

I hope you like my blogs and articles. If you want to know how I can help rejuvenate your S&OP journey and increase well-being and performance, check out my workshop here.

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