2023 – A New Approach to Business Planning During Crises

Foresight’s Integrated Business Planning editor Niels van Hove envisions A New Approach to Business Planning during Crises, suggesting that traditional IBP is too cumbersome during times of disruption. He proposes the formation of a decision squad with the skills and resources to turn decisions around in a timely manner. On demand.

2022Commentary on “To Share or Not to Share”. Asymmetry of Data Ownership.

“Similar to big oil, data ownership is distributed asymmetrically across the supply chain. It should be no surprise the digital giants focus on data monetization rather than data altruism.”

2021 Integrated Business Planning: A New Narrative for an Old Process

In this article, I call for a reinvention of traditional IBP that more fully integrates its governing meetings and reporting into operations, enabling faster decision making, better responsiveness to disruption, and liberation for planners to work on more strategic issues.

2021AI Is Here to Automate the Knowledge Worker!

In this commentary on an article from the authors of the book Humachine, I discuss typical types of enterprise decisions and how human and machine will work together to automate or augment these

2021Technology Support in Integrated Business Planning: Automation, Augmentation and Human Centricity

“Niels van Hove lays out a foundation of forecasting/planning horizons and how each can benefit from advances in technology.”

2019 – Autonomous or “Lights Out” Supply-Chain Planning; What New Technology Is Required

“One of Foresight’s most visionary authors, Niels van Hove, looks ahead to the emergence of autonomous or “Lights Out” Supply-Chain Planning and identifies the essential requirements for this new technology to take hold.”

2018Commentaries on “Misconceptions, Missteps, and Bad Practices in S&OP”

In this commentary, I argue that what’s often missing is in S&OP, is Vision, Culture, and Language

2017 How to Shape a Company Culture with S&OP

“Niels van Hove has spent many years studying S&OP performance and its intimate bond with corporate culture. Now he puts the microscope on individual mind-sets and behaviors in his article How to Shape Company Culture with S&OP.”

2017Commentary: Big Data, a Big Decision

Big data has been one of the concepts to dominate the supply-chain scene for a while. There is no denying that we’re getting more connected, we consume more and more data, and we produce exponentially more data, but like any concept, big data is not a holy grail for every supply chain.

2016 – An S&OP Communication Plan: The Final Step in Support of Company Strategy

“Niels van Hove argues persuasively for the establishment of an effective communication process as a prime element in the implementation of a firm’s strategy.”

2012 – Four of a Kind: The Four Phases of IBP

Niels van Hove explains what it means to go beyond traditional business planning and integrate purpose, vision and strategy in your business plans.

2012 – Global S&OP: Leadership, Change, Behavior and cross-cultural differences

As businesses go global, the expansion of the S&OP process must follow. Niels Van Hove explains why cultural issues are so important and how to adapt to them.