S&OP Pulse Check 2015 Results

The S&OP pulse check 2015 results are ready. Thanks to everybody who has made this yearly recurring S&OP survey since 2010 possible again this year.

The S&OP pulse Check is unique because:

  • it really only takes 5 minutes of your time
  • it is yearly recurring, so trends can be identified
  • it is open source. The raw anonymous survey data is made available
  • no BS! Made by a practitioner for practitioners

Practitioners have spoken again this year and tell us:

  • there is not enough S&OP process innovation
  • there is not enough S&OP system innovation
  • behaviours are not addressed enough in S&OP implementations
  • we need more industry standards around S&OP

You can find the full report here and you can find the anonymous raw survey data here. Find here a link to all the previous S&OP Pulse checks. Enjoy the read and let me know what you think in the comments.




7 thoughts on “S&OP Pulse Check 2015 Results

  1. Great pulse, Niels. If you d´ont mind i´ll share these info with my contacts on Supplyemdia.com (a portuguese only site focused on Supply chain, Leadership and Motivation.
    Best Regards, Marcelo Velloso

  2. Thanks Wouter,
    Hope the surveys are useful for you. Yep, still in Oz and doing fine. Has been a while since Hilton Food group, but that’s still one of the most responsive places I worked, with 4 times a day updated POS information from the retailer!

    Hope you’re well mate

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