The S&OP Pulse Check 2017 results

The S&OP pulse check is a unique survey that provides new and different types of insights for S&OP practitioners. The S&OP pulse check started in 2010 and is this year in its 6th edition.

Thanks to everybody who has made the 2017  S&OP survey possible. Key insights this year are:

People & Culture

  • Effective S&OP processes see more positive cultural change
  • Mental Toughness supports effective S&OP
  • Behaviours are not addressed enough in S&OP implementations

Process & Systems

  • Integrating financial planning is now the main action in S&OP
  • Managing the product portfolio remains underused
  • 51% believes there is a lack of S&OP process & system innovation
  • 64% believes there is a need for more S&OP standards
  • People skills & resources is the main roadblock to implement S&OP

You can find the full report here 

Enjoy the read and let me know what you think in the comments. I think there are enough thought starters!



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