Leading sustainable S&OP

Hi all,

as promised in my December blog find my presentation on leading sustainable S&OP here!


Sustainable S&OP can only be established when an S&OP culture is created. To create an S&OP culture, effective S&OP behaviours like discipline, common goals, trust, communication and collaboration need to become part of a company DNA. This presentation links some literature on this behaviour with results from my S&OP pulse check 2012. It furthermore provides some tips on how to create an effective S&OP culture.

The presentation is closely linked with my article on Global S&OP and leadership and I will use it as basis for when I speak in March at the Australian S&OP conference 2013. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Is the right culture important to sustain S&OP and survive strategy changes, merges and acquisitions and management changes?




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