Global S&OP: Leadership, Change management, Behavior & Cross-Cultural Differences

It must be one of the longest article titles in the history of the Journal of Business Forecasting but I’m pleased that my article has finally been published. It is even the leading article, lucky me. The article is actually a combination of 4 blogs I wrote about 1.5 years ago on the impact of company culture on S&OP. You can find those here

I first wrote about the  behavioural supply chain almost 3 years ago and still believe this is an undervalued aspect in the supply chain and not touched by many thought leaders. I like to point out Sean Culey from who I know passionately believes in this and whom I’ve been bouncing ideas of. Check out his work! You can start here

JBF- S&OP leadership culture Niels van Hove

Culture and behaviour are not often things one reads about in supply chain or S&OP articles. It has my special interest for the last 5 years as I’ve come to the conclusion that this is where the real value lies in S&OP or supply chain transformations. For the last 20 years it has shown that in businesses only 30% of change efforts succeed. I think a big part of this low success rate is due to culture and behaviour. As I said supply chain literature hardly covers this aspect and I’m pleased that I have been given the opportunity to contribute to this topic.

With the writing of this article, which has been with the editor for over a year, I also made a presentation on how to create a sustainable S&OP culture. I will publish that probably in the early new year. This presentation will discuss what effective behaviours drive the right S&OP culture. I believe those to be Trust, Communication, Discipline and Collaboration.

For now enjoy the summer break (yes it is summer here in Melbourne) – or Xmas break – with your friends and family


4 thoughts on “Global S&OP: Leadership, Change management, Behavior & Cross-Cultural Differences

  1. Hey i was looking for same topic thanks for posting about this looking forward for your article 🙂
    between i would like to mention about Dr Zareen Karani who really left an impressive effect on me when i found her video’s and articles. If anyone is looking for cross cultural training can visit to
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Thanks for your feedback Eva,
    I checked your website and we obviously have the same interest or even mission
    Once I have a copy of my article I’ll put it on my website


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