The 5th phase of S&OP maturity

This blog follows on an interesting discussion I had in the Tom Wallace S&OP group on LinkedIn. The discussion started because I didn’t necessarily agree with Tom’s statement: Successful S&OP = better teamwork To me it feels this formula makes some short cuts and the big assumption that better teamwork just appears because of S&OP. S&OP will definitely provide an opportunity for teams to work … Continue reading The 5th phase of S&OP maturity

The lack of system thinking in IBP

IBP suffers a deadlock in maturity. Independent companies and maturity measurement all point in the same direction. Find below some evidence that IBP gets stuck in early stages. Gartner found in 2010 that 67% of companies can’t get further then step two from their four step maturity model. An Oliver Wight white paper on the transition from S&OP to IBP tells us that most companies … Continue reading The lack of system thinking in IBP

The four phases of IBP

This blog has been published recently as an article in the AFP Exchange.  Check it out here: 4 of a kind – The four phases of IBP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is often seen as a natural progression from Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), which came to life in the 80’s to align sales and operations. As S&OP found its origin in the supply chain, IBP … Continue reading The four phases of IBP