The behavioural Supply Chain

Supply chain professionals love telling one another how important the supply chain is. In magazines, at congresses and online, we convince each other of the importance of our professional field. And as supply chain professionals, we can honestly be rather proud of how far we’ve come. From MRP and DRP via JIT and multi echelon inventory on to CPFR. From supply chain via demand chain … Continue reading The behavioural Supply Chain

Supply Chain trend of the decade

As we are at the start of a new decade we are still recovering from the largest worldwide economic crisis in generations and the latest flu pandemic, swine flu. It is worth thinking about what will be the Supply Chain trends for this new decade. What should, beside increased financial risk management be our focus and where do we have to excel to live through … Continue reading Supply Chain trend of the decade

The change paradox

In last year’s second edition of the McKinsey quarterly, an article about change management revealed that according to a 2008 McKinsey study of 3,199 executives around the world, only 30% of change transformations are successful. The article mentioned that the groundbreaking 1996 change study – Leading Change – from John Kotter, found the same success rate for change programs.  Although the scope of a change … Continue reading The change paradox

The Supply Chain come-back

The private equity companies that bought half the world in the last couple of years, in search of quick money and the highest possible returns for their investors, are starting to sell some of their portfolio again. Companies are being floated on the stock market, or sold to bigger multinationals that easily survived the financial crisis and still have enough cash in their pocket. As … Continue reading The Supply Chain come-back

Australia; a consumer paradise?

Since I came to Australia in January 2009, I make a point to chat to cab drivers and check where they’re originally from. So it happened that I spoke to Afghan, Pakistan, Indian and Russian cab drivers who came to the island for different reasons, but all had one thing in common: they loved Australia and thought it was a very good country to live … Continue reading Australia; a consumer paradise?