The Supply Chain insight generator

Last week I was reading some research on global Supply Chains. The research itself had some great insight, but I just had problems with the way the insight was formulated. It seemed that every sentence that described the insight had to meet some complex linguistic criteria. Was it my own Denglish (Dutch-English) confusion or did supply chain get so complex overnight? Although I have been around supply chain talk for a while now, I wondered if I was not smart enough to understand these clever researchers.

Did you ever feel like that? Or have you ever been in a meeting or conference calls where some of the supply chain language used seemed to be from another planet? Have you ever been in an elevator overhearing some smart consultant’s philosophising their supply chain life away, quoting all kind of names and abreviations you never heard of? You were waiting to jump in with a great comment to join the conversation, but you couldn’t.

No need to worry anymore. The supply chain insight generator is the solution for you. You’ll never have to be quiet again. Just read from left to right and jump rows as you wish to generate the most wonderful supply chain insight. It’s time to get back at all those smart guys!

Enjoy the talk

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