The value of certification

What’s the value of (Supply Chain) certification in times that MBAs can be done online, hardly facing another person during the course? According to Wikipedia, twice as many master degrees are awarded in the US as compared to the 1970s. Not all of the MBAs awarded will be of the same value as an INSEAD or Harvard MBA. A smart marketer would differentiate its brand and rather allow the title INS or Har for successful students.

Yesterday I saw on linkedin somebody carrying this title behind there name; BSC, ASQ CSSGB, ASQ CSSBB, PMP, MBA. It’s true that in some cultures titles are more important then in other cultures and for sure this is a smart person with a lot of knowledge, but isn’t this overkill and confusing?

A certification or title can get you to the table and might give an idea of somebody’s competence, but in the end of the day once we face another person, the titles are of no importance anymore. What remains when the titles are stripped away is our ability to effectively build relations, communicate, share our knowledge, lead and help other people.

I dare anyone to find and comment a longer title referring mostly to supply chain certifications then BSC, ASQ CSSGB, ASQ CSSBB, PMP, MBA. In a month from now we might have to congratulate this person with the world longest title

ps. the author is a Msc

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