The Trusted Chain

In a recent online article on S&OP at Sony,, Vice president of Supply Chain Operations Yuka Yu uses the term ‘trusted chain’ rather then supply chain. According to Yu, this term emphasizes that the strong relationships between Sony and its partners depends on mutual trust and communication. As many of us will know, implementing CPFR and S&OP like Sony did, requires internal and external … Continue reading The Trusted Chain

The Integrated Business Planning journey

We all heard it in a work environment, at a seminar, read it in articles or in blogs. ‘S&OP is a continuous journey’ or ‘IBP is a journey not a destination’. We might even have been nodding at the time in confirmation of the validity of these statements. But is IBP a journey?? According to Cambridge online dictionary a journey is; ‘the act of travelling … Continue reading The Integrated Business Planning journey