The four phases of IBP

This blog has been published recently as an article in the AFP Exchange.  Check it out here: 4 of a kind – The four phases of IBP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is often seen as a natural progression from Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), which came to life in the 80’s to align sales and operations. As S&OP found its origin in the supply chain, IBP … Continue reading The four phases of IBP

Know thy Supply Chain!

Around 2500 years ago a strange, awkward guy was strolling the streets of Athens. He would walk up to people and start conversation and ask questions about life, religion, and politics. He would challenge their answers and usually got them stuck in their own reasoning and arguments. By asking questions, Socrates made his targets starting question their own beliefs and purpose. If we want to … Continue reading Know thy Supply Chain!