14 ways to cope and build Mental Toughness

Mentally Tough individuals show resilience and automatically apply coping mechanisms to reduce or eliminate stressors. These coping mechanisms come natural to some, not to others, but the good news is they can be learned. Coping mechanisms are useful in the workplace when one has to perform and deal with stress. Workplace stress can be severe due to workplace changes, mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes, a … Continue reading 14 ways to cope and build Mental Toughness

Building the Mentally Tough organization

Mental toughness is a set of attributes that make people perform at their best under any circumstances. It is a personal and organizational capability that can effectively deal with today’s continuous changes and pressures. This article explains the mindset and attributes that make up mental toughness, how mental toughness can be measured and how to build mental tough organizations that increase performance. Practice makes perfect! … Continue reading Building the Mentally Tough organization

The rise and fall of S&OP

There is no doubt that over the years, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) has brought companies around the world many valuable business improvements. This article argues that after existing for over 30 years, the development of S&OP as an end to end business management process method has come to a standstill. This standstill is threatening the very existence of S&OP. The only way to further … Continue reading The rise and fall of S&OP