A Strong Mind

It is almost 9 years ago that I wrote one of my first blogs; The Behavioural Supply Chain. In the blog I argue that… “Supply chain, in its current form, is nearing the end of its life cycle of integration and optimisation. Even supported by the latest IT technology, the intended total network integration and optimisation is grinding to a halt.” and that… “The behavioural … Continue reading A Strong Mind

Why Authenticity is Key to Transformational S&OP

S&OP has the potential to transform an organisation. S&OP can do more than create a rolling forecast, contribute to improved strategy execution and company performance. By driving and nurturing effective values and behaviours through the S&OP cycle, it can influence company culture and employee engagement, well-being and performance. Once S&OP is influencing company culture for the better and achieves these type of employee benefits, I … Continue reading Why Authenticity is Key to Transformational S&OP