The 6 Ultimate Signs of S&OP process maturity

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a 30 year old horizontal business management process that provides executives with forward visibility on how their business is expected to perform against budget and strategy. Many companies have implemented an S&OP process and continuously improved to aim for the highest level of S&OP maturity and create business value. Although there are plenty of S&OP maturity models around to … Continue reading The 6 Ultimate Signs of S&OP process maturity

How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain

Do you recognize this situation? Something seems to be wrong in your Supply Chain. Customer service isn’t where it should be and customers are complaining. Inventory is too high, consuming too much working capital. Waste levels are rising, eating away straight from your bottom line results. You sit around the boardroom table with your leadership team and you decide to do a Supply Chain Health … Continue reading How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain

Developing Mental Toughness in the Supply Chain

Mental Toughness is a personality trait which is emerging as the key to understanding how people respond to and perform under stress, pressure and challenge. Mental Toughness explains up to 25% in the variation of an individual’s performance.  It is also a significant factor in individual and team well-being. Mental Toughness is a personal trait that can be taught, but also an organizational capability, as I … Continue reading Developing Mental Toughness in the Supply Chain

The dirty little secrets of S&OP

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) as a business process is just over 30 years old. A lot has been written about why S&OP implementations succeed or fail and why many organization are stuck in their maturity. Recently Supply Chain Insights published a report with the following 5 top challenges on why S&OP is a tough nut to crack. 72% has difficulty getting to the right … Continue reading The dirty little secrets of S&OP

How to find gold in Big Data

A CFO I worked for once famously said; ‘give me the golden nugget, don’t give me all the dirt’. What he meant is that although he knew the finance communicate navigates its way every month through a lot of data, he was only interested in key insights. Presented in an understandable way, without too many numbers please. Makes sense doesn’t it? Well not when we … Continue reading How to find gold in Big Data

Unlocking the power of social

My last blog, the-power-of-social was a comment on Lora Cerere’s blog on social in the supply chain. In the comments Lora mentioned; ‘so though for an organization to listen. It’s just not in their DNA. What do you think that it takes to make this shift?’ The answer I believe is refreshingly simple; make it part of the company DNA! Or in other words, make … Continue reading Unlocking the power of social

A humble change lesson

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you might have picked up that I like the change management author Rick Maurer. He writes in a simplistic and humoristic way about the sometimes serious topic of change. I’ve used his 3 level resistance model from his book ‘Beyond the wall of resistance’ to map key stakeholders up to the most senior level … Continue reading A humble change lesson