Cracking the code of S&OP

In Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code, symbologist Robert Langdon is chasing complex puzzles and cryptic messages to unlock the code to one of the biggest prices of mankind; the holy grail. Regularly he finds himself wondering what the next step should be to make progress in his quest.

In this context, the IE group S&OP summit; ‘Cracking The Code of S&OP’ has an exciting and promising title. This event might just unlock the code to of one the biggest prices in modern business management; effective S&OP.

On the website you can checkout the impressive list of speakers. Will they unlock the S&OP code? Be ready for some great insight and discussions on S&OP processes, enabling technology en maybe some S&OP change management.

But I have a little secret for you to crack the S&OP code. According to my S&OP pulse check 2011, a still running S&OP survey, the top 3 roadblocks to implement S&OP are:

  1. Senior leadership support
  2. The organizational silo’s
  3. Process discipline

This means that the survey participants, S&OP practitioners from over 20 countries, think that S&OP roadblocks are people and culture driven. The S&OP code is not about process or technology, but about support, ownership, silo mentality and discipline. You can use my secret message to ask some questions to speakers, who obviously have a wealth of experience.

You’ll walk out of this summit a lot wiser, but don’t think you know all about the S&OP code. We know Robert Langdon had to follow through in some sequels. That won’t be any different for you. If you can go, enjoy the summit and the journey to unlock the S&OP code.

In you’re interested, you can still join The S&OP pulse check 2011 on and help create insight in S&OP. Results and the raw survey data will be published on this website.

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