Why Mental Toughness should be on Every CEO’s Agenda

In this second interview on the Kinaxis blog, I go deeper in to why Mental Toughness is so important in our VUCA world, why it should be on the agenda of every CEO, and why supply chain and S&OP can lead this change! You can read the transcript here If you want to know more about Mental Toughness, you can visit my website MentalToughness.online Continue reading Why Mental Toughness should be on Every CEO’s Agenda

How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain

Do you recognize this situation? Something seems to be wrong in your Supply Chain. Customer service isn’t where it should be and customers are complaining. Inventory is too high, consuming too much working capital. Waste levels are rising, eating away straight from your bottom line results. You sit around the boardroom table with your leadership team and you decide to do a Supply Chain Health … Continue reading How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain

Most Black Swans are business as usual

Since I came to Australia I know that black swans are common. I actually go regularly feed these swans with my two girls. For my two girls, black swans are as any duck or sheep; perfectly common animals. According to Taleb in his book The Black Swan, black swans follow the 3 following criteria: The event is a surprise for the observer The event has … Continue reading Most Black Swans are business as usual

Know thy Supply Chain!

Around 2500 years ago a strange, awkward guy was strolling the streets of Athens. He would walk up to people and start conversation and ask questions about life, religion, and politics. He would challenge their answers and usually got them stuck in their own reasoning and arguments. By asking questions, Socrates made his targets starting question their own beliefs and purpose. If we want to … Continue reading Know thy Supply Chain!

The behavioural Supply Chain

Supply chain professionals love telling one another how important the supply chain is. In magazines, at congresses and online, we convince each other of the importance of our professional field. And as supply chain professionals, we can honestly be rather proud of how far we’ve come. From MRP and DRP via JIT and multi echelon inventory on to CPFR. From supply chain via demand chain … Continue reading The behavioural Supply Chain

Supply Chain trend of the decade

As we are at the start of a new decade we are still recovering from the largest worldwide economic crisis in generations and the latest flu pandemic, swine flu. It is worth thinking about what will be the Supply Chain trends for this new decade. What should, beside increased financial risk management be our focus and where do we have to excel to live through … Continue reading Supply Chain trend of the decade