A Strong Mind

It is almost 9 years ago that I wrote one of my first blogs; The Behavioural Supply Chain. In the blog I argue that… “Supply chain, in its current form, is nearing the end of its life cycle of integration and optimisation. Even supported by the latest IT technology, the intended total network integration and optimisation is grinding to a halt.” and that… “The behavioural … Continue reading A Strong Mind

9½ Tips to Build your Confidence

We all question our performance and abilities sometimes. If we dwell on this for too long, this might decrease our confidence. Confidence is a measurable attribute of Mental Toughness and it can be influenced and improved. The confidence attribute of Mental Toughness has two elements: Confidence in own abilities Interpersonal confidence Individuals with confidence and Mental Toughness perform better under pressure and generally have better … Continue reading 9½ Tips to Build your Confidence

14 ways to cope and build Mental Toughness

Mentally Tough individuals show resilience and automatically apply coping mechanisms to reduce or eliminate stressors. These coping mechanisms come natural to some, not to others, but the good news is they can be learned. Coping mechanisms are useful in the workplace when one has to perform and deal with stress. Workplace stress can be severe due to workplace changes, mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes, a … Continue reading 14 ways to cope and build Mental Toughness

How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain

Do you recognize this situation? Something seems to be wrong in your Supply Chain. Customer service isn’t where it should be and customers are complaining. Inventory is too high, consuming too much working capital. Waste levels are rising, eating away straight from your bottom line results. You sit around the boardroom table with your leadership team and you decide to do a Supply Chain Health … Continue reading How to bring True Health to your Supply Chain