Have you crossed an S&OP silo lately?

In the S&OP pulse checks I conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2012 ‘the organizational silos’ were chosen as a top 3 roadblock in implementing S&OP for 3 consecutive years. ‘Senior leadership support’ was the number one roadblock in all three years. We do indeed feel more comfortable in our own silo and vertical reporting line. It seems that’s just how we are. Working horizontally across … Continue reading Have you crossed an S&OP silo lately?

The lack of system thinking in IBP

IBP suffers a deadlock in maturity. Independent companies and maturity measurement all point in the same direction. Find below some evidence that IBP gets stuck in early stages. Gartner found in 2010 that 67% of companies can’t get further then step two from their four step maturity model. An Oliver Wight white paper on the transition from S&OP to IBP tells us that most companies … Continue reading The lack of system thinking in IBP

Where is the S&OP visionary?

About 10 years ago I was working as Accenture consultant in Europe on an implementation of common data and processes for Sara Lee. This project was implementing ERP and APS systems across 15 operations companies in 10 countries and must have roughly costed a 100 million Euro. Through a vendor selection model it was decided to use SAP R/3 and the then little mature APO … Continue reading Where is the S&OP visionary?