The right brain and S&OP: cornerstones to a collaborative culture

Collaboration is widely accepted to add value to a business network. Yet few companies will say they have truly a collaborative culture. The supply chain function and S&OP process can be catalysts to drive a collaborative company culture. For this to happen, the traditional left brain thinking supply chain organization has to start activating and using right brain skills and S&OP needs to start leading … Continue reading The right brain and S&OP: cornerstones to a collaborative culture

S&OP and Collaboration

As media partner for the IE group, I didn’t need a lot more trigger to write a blog then the tag used for the October 2012 summit; ‘Advanced S&OP: Create True collaboration’. You can find my whitepaper on S&OP and collaboration here: SCT on S&OP and collaboration I’ve always been interested in collaborative processes like Collaborative Planning Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR) and Sales and Operations … Continue reading S&OP and Collaboration

Supply Chain trend of the decade

As we are at the start of a new decade we are still recovering from the largest worldwide economic crisis in generations and the latest flu pandemic, swine flu. It is worth thinking about what will be the Supply Chain trends for this new decade. What should, beside increased financial risk management be our focus and where do we have to excel to live through … Continue reading Supply Chain trend of the decade