Benchmark your S&OP Mindset

S&OP is an enterprise wide business planning process that can only be effective and sustainable when it is supported by the right mindset and behaviours. Individuals and teams with a superior mindset will increase S&OP effectiveness and are proven to perform better and show increased well-being. You can down load a free S&OP mindset checklist HERE I also would like to ask you a favor … Continue reading Benchmark your S&OP Mindset

Checklist for an S&OP Mindset

For those of you who’ve been following supplychaintrend for a while, you know I’ve written many blogs about how mindset improves S&OP and business performance. And maybe more importantly, it can also improve employee well-being. I’m pleased that in collaboration with the leading European Supply Chain Platform – Supply Chain Movement – I developed a checklist to assess if your organisation has an effective mindset. … Continue reading Checklist for an S&OP Mindset

How to Measure your Strategy Execution Readiness

Your company has a strategy. Are you confident it is ready to be deployed and executed? Most likely not, as 60%-90% of strategy implementations fail and only 14% of executives are satisfied with the execution of a strategy. This post introduces a framework to assess your company’s strategy execution readiness, in order to align leaders around how to bridge your strategy to execution gaps. I … Continue reading How to Measure your Strategy Execution Readiness

The ‘Why’ in S&OP: or How to Find More Meaning

There is a lot of evidence that S&OP is hard to implement and get right. And when S&OP is implemented it often stalls, doesn’t make enough progress and doesn’t deliver enough value. The reasons are plenty, but one of the core reasons is the lack of senior leadership support. Another reason is that employees just get tired of an overly dogmatic, bureaucratic process and data … Continue reading The ‘Why’ in S&OP: or How to Find More Meaning

Why Mental Toughness should be on Every CEO’s Agenda

In this second interview on the Kinaxis blog, I go deeper in to why Mental Toughness is so important in our VUCA world, why it should be on the agenda of every CEO, and why supply chain and S&OP can lead this change! You can read the transcript here If you want to know more about Mental Toughness, you can visit my website Continue reading Why Mental Toughness should be on Every CEO’s Agenda

Interview Why Mindset and Behaviours Matter for S&OP and Supply Chain

Recently I got interviewed for the Kinaxis supply chain blog. You can listen to the audio below or read the (not always accurate) transcript here It is my mission to get effective mindset and behaviours on the agenda of CEO’s and S&OP is a great vehicle to support and implement this. The beauty of some behaviours is that they’re not just good for performance and … Continue reading Interview Why Mindset and Behaviours Matter for S&OP and Supply Chain

A Strong Mind

It is almost 9 years ago that I wrote one of my first blogs; The Behavioural Supply Chain. In the blog I argue that… “Supply chain, in its current form, is nearing the end of its life cycle of integration and optimisation. Even supported by the latest IT technology, the intended total network integration and optimisation is grinding to a halt.” and that… “The behavioural … Continue reading A Strong Mind