Big Data: a Big Decision

Every so many years, a new supply chain terminology takes the front page and dominates the conversation in magazines and conferences. In the last decade or two we’ve seen JIT (Just in Time), TQM (Total Quality Management), 6 Sigma, S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning), Lean, Agile, Demand-Driven Supply Chains…to name just a few. Often it is for good reasons that these concepts draw attention, as … Continue reading Big Data: a Big Decision

Forecasting Poetry

The variables in demand forecasting are endless. We have advanced planning systems to manage many of them and processes like demand shaping, demand sensing, demand control, demand management or S&OP/IBP to influence or come to consensus forecast. There is research from Paul Goodwin, professor of Management Science at Bath University that suggests better not to touch system forecast at all, if changes to the forecast … Continue reading Forecasting Poetry