Achieving Autonomous Supply Chain Planning; an expert interview

An interview on Autonomous Planning with Niels van Hove

I recently got interviewed by Bethanie Maples about my Foresight article; ‘Autonomous or Lights out Planning, what’s really required?’

Bethanie is an AI and human cognition expert, does research at Standford University and is advisor to many entrepreneurs.

I explain how we have to make the leap forward from Wave 1 (ERP) and Wave 2 (APS) technology, to Wave 3 technology, or systems of intelligence. I discuss 8 elements required at the minimum to support autonomous planning. Without these elements, forget it!

I also mention that I see a bright, more interesting future for the human in supply chain planning.

You can click on the picture to go to the (18 min) video.

If you don’t want to see my face or hear my voice and you had not read the article. You can read the Blog here or the PDF here.

I hope you enjoy it! And as always I’m interested in your thoughts.



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