Over a third of S&OP processes stall or make little progress…

…even when processes are properly implemented.

What to do about this?

As an accredited behavioural coach with 20 years of S&OP experience, I’ve learned that the organizational mindset is a major roadblock in most S&OP journeys. Academic research confirms this.

Luckily, mindsets can be changed.

Rejuvenate your S&OP

I now offer a workshop that removes this roadblock by focusing on:

  • A winning mindset: you will learn to apply Mental Toughness attributes – as used by many elite athletes – to develop a winning S&OP mindset. This mindset is critical for effective and sustainable S&OP.
  • An S&OP vision: you will develop an S&OP vision that includes the building of a winning mindset. A vivid S&OP vision with clear goals aligned to a company’s strategy demands executive engagement.

After this workshop you will have refreshed and energized your S&OP journey for years to come.

Download the brochure or send me an email for further information.

Let’s talk soon,