How to Build more Positivity in Your Day: #2

Ever get caught in negative thoughts? That’s ok, we all do. This is the second post where we explain why positivity matters and give you some tips on how to develop more positivity in your day. When our ancestors were roaming the fields to hunt for food, they had to constantly scan their environment and be prepared for danger at any given moment. They survived … Continue reading How to Build more Positivity in Your Day: #2

Why Mindfulness Matters

Ever arrived at your destination without knowing how you got there? That’s being unmindful. Here we explain why that matters and how to change it to increase your well-being and performance. When we go about our daily routines and not deliberately pay attention to what we’re doing, our brain switches to default mode. This is the ‘automatic pilot’ part of the brain where we can … Continue reading Why Mindfulness Matters